Artistic LED Cure Box

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The only LED light you need. The LED Cure Box has the perfect cure settings for everyone including the most sensitive clients! The light comes with a new SmartCure™ setting that builds LED power over a 60-second period to help mitigate heat spikes for sensitive clients. The new LED Cure Box cures traditional gels 4x faster than UV lights and with SmartCure™, reduces heat spikes making services more comfortable for all!

Innovative Design from the Bottom up
Powerful, sleek and designed to unleash 36 watts of power!
Precision Diamond Curing • Perfect 360° Five Finger Cure

Artistic LED Cure Box Features & Benefits:

  • 36 Watts of Power for complete curing.
  • SmartCure™ Technology helps reduce heat spikes.
  • EyeGuard™ LED Shield protects the eyes for safe service.
  • Patented magnetic tray for quick and easy sanitizing.
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